When I started this site Parkinson's Disease was not even a distant thought. Like many other conditions it was something I associated with age and was not a condition I really knew much about, other than the distinctive tremor. Then just before Christmas I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and my reserch started into how it affects both the body and the mind.
The biggest shock is that no-one really knows what causes the neurotransmitters in the brain to die and every person is affected differently. The first thing the neurologist told me was that that there is no cure, it is a case of managing the effects. Neither is a death sentence in itself, but depending on how the individual body reacts to the lack of dopermine determines the quality of life for both the sufferer and their loved ones.

So I decided what better way of raising money towards Parkinson's research than to combine my love of writing rhyming poetry with that very quest.
If you would like to help by making a donation in return for a poem then follow this link for more information.