Oxford classics scholar August Winthrop, who fought in the Spanish Civil war, is asked by his dying best friend to return an ancient chronicle to a Basque family in Franco’s Spain. Intrigued, the American begins investigating the book to find it is far more than he first thought. Discovering it once belonged to an infamous alchemist burned at the stake in 1646, and also linked to the mysterious murder of a Basque freedom fighter in 1945. Perused by spies and secret agents, he guards it from unseen enemies involved in witchcraft while travelling across a Europe ravaged by war.

I enjoyed the mix of ancient beliefs and modern history. August Winthrop grabs you instantly with his self destructive side before taking you with him into a world inhabited by secrets and betrayal. A place he is familiar with - his past that has always haunted him.

Reviewed by Lesley of Writing World