About Us

Writing World is run by myself - Lesley Howard.
You may wish to know something about me. I was fortunate to have my poetry and short stories first published over twenty years ago.  I have also self published a book on the Myths & Legends of Cheshire and small book of poetry. I have my own isbn numbers and an imprint called Raven Manor.
Additionally there have been articles published in relation to my occupation teaching jewellery workshops, make up artistry and photography.

Hopefully utilizing my experience gained in organising business events including bead and jewellery fairs, craft fairs, workshops and 'Meet the Author' events will help this site grow from a little acorn into a wonderful tree.

Apart from my husband, the true love of my life always has been writing.
Reading whenever there is time, though less well known authors seem to stimulate my interest more than the latest works of a famous author.
There have been times in my life, when writing has not been a possibility. Not through any lack of desire but via those circumstances that are sometimes thrust upon us.
Recently being diagnosed with Parkinson's, I have now decided to dedicate my time to writing. I have blogs published on Huffington Post on this subject, write short stories and am in the middle of an adventure mystery novel set in the early 1900s.

The Rhyme Traveller idea came from my love of rhyming verse and walking. Myself and exercise have always had a mixed relationship - but now it is even more important to keep myself physically active for as long as possible. What better way than combining it in a way that brings not only pleasure to me but hopefully to those who follow my adventures.

If you would like to know a little more of my background please visit my personal site. I also do 'off the top of my head' verses on my Rhyme Traveller Facebook page