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Twisted Mysteries

  Twisted Mysteries competition - the chance to have your work published
                  This competition ends at the end of this month - March 2018

Submissions must be mystery stories with a twist,  a maximum of 3000 words each and fit in with the theme below. There is no minimum but we would prefer 2500-3000 words.

The year is 1933 and we are taking you back to the golden age of steam travel, cinema and art deco.
It is an era of fashionable hats for both men and women. Of capturing moments in time on film and camera. Cinematography is the new hobby for the wealthy.
A time of working windmills and horses pulling carts. When pitchforks are still used to harvest the fields; hay loaded by hand.
It is the setting of mystery and romance.

But what lurks beneath its surface?
What twists and tales lie unspoken?

We look forward to reading your submission.
For more details please go the the Twisted Mysteries page